The Tau are bracing themselves for an onslaught that will threaten their control of the Dragoris system. Their faith unwavering, they turn to their unlikely allies: The Imperium in all its forms. The Space marines and Imperial guard arrive to find a system beleaguered by a host of invading forces. The forces of Chaos invade while the tendrils of a Tyranid hive fleet wind themselves through the system. The ancient rivals, the Necron and Eldar, have also mysteriously chosen this system as a battleground while the Orks and Dark Eldar have arrived to simply kill (For profit or pleasure…well, who knows?).

As a commander of forces, you will help shape the battles that will impact the outcomes and seal the fates of millions of citizens of the Tau empire. How you shape their fate is up to you.

XRG 40k campaign