The Dragoris System

Dragoris system map   initial

The Dragoris system, a Tau dominated system, had long been ignored by the Imperium of Man. The system has only a single truly habitable planet, Dragoris II or Dragoris Prime, and Dragoris V the only other planet with any other reason to colonize. Even the Tau considered the system of limited importance, largely using the harsh climates and metal rich asteroids as mining sites and research stations.

The Tau have 2 urban cities with 2 space stations in the system, however they have only a single point of fortification: The Capitol city and spaceport on Dragoris II. The city is surrounded by massive walls with towers containing large defense arrays to fire on even capitol ships in space. Orbiting the planet are chains of mines and torpedo orbital defense platforms.

However, the Tau are not content to entrust all of the defense to the planet itself. Thus, above Dragoris III the Tau have built their shipyards and repair stations with dozens of planetary and inter-planetary silos and bays to dock and defend a fleet.

In the spirit of cooperation, the Tau have tolerated trade with human merchants through Dragoris II, building a relationship that could prove to be useful for all parties if not damaged through hate and ignorance.

Deep on Dragoris I, a scorched wasteland that only the most prepared can survive on, there lies a power that the Tau and Imperium have not noticed but it has not gone completely unnoticed. The forces of Chaos have discovered the artifact and the artifacts true owners know this, and are here to recover it first.

The Dragoris System

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