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Welcome commanders of the forces that will battle over the control of the Dragoris system. Be you here to capture the ancient powers hidden in the system, defend the system from an encroaching menace, consume bio-matter, kill, or just wreak some good old fashion mayhem this page will be your guide!

The Wiki here will help you know everything that is going on. Did that Chaos commander destroy that space station over there? Can’t get ahold of him? Just check the wiki…or risk it and assume he didn’t. But should you do that and be wrong…well, that cruiser you have just isn’t gonna hold up and all of those troops headed to Dragoris II are going to have a much shorter campaign than they expected.

So check below for links and things that may creep up from time to time.

The Dragoris System
Dragoris VI Overview

But because the campaigns of the future just aren’t the same without the titanic personalities that twist the fates of the stars to match their goals, here are the links to the commanders and heroes of the forces:

Kor Vijal

Main Page

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