Kor Vijal

Dominating Captain of the "Mot De La Fin" or Final Word Carrier for the Knights of Lorgar.


Kor Vijal, a Grand Apostle and also Lord Captain of the Mot De La Fin, has earned the privilege of leading the spear-tip from the Knights of Lorgar. Surrounded by other warbands and daemons from the warp, Vijal is sure of two things: First, that the forces of Chaos will ultimately be successful and two, that mankind must bleed first to benefit from the removal of the cancer that is both the Imperium and the corpse-emperor.

A brutal leader, failure is often met by swift punishment. Vijal considers himself a truly blessed individual having stood in the presence of Abaddon himself (though he was one of tens of thousands…). Vijal sees the alliance with the Black Legion to be both beneficial but also accepts allies with caution.

Kor Vijal

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